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Attentions You Should Notice Before Playing Trampoline

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Attentions You Should Notice Before Playing Trampoline

As we all know, there are more and more children like to play in trampoline world as it's addictive and fun. However, at the same time, we often see trampoline-related accidents because kids don't understand the proper safety precautions before they start jumping from trampoline equipment.


The common causes of trampoline park injuries are as follows:

1. Contact with springs wounds toes and fingers

2. A dangerous act such as somersault

3. A jumping child collides with another jumper

4. Falling off the trampoline equipment

5. Collision with frame or poles of a trampoline


To avoid dangerous situations, there are several ways to prevent them:

1. There is dangerousness on playing trampoline games. So please all of people who play trampoline park games should play with the guide of experts or coaches.

2. Those who have healthy problems should be cautious or stop playing trampoline games.

3. Children have to play trampoline equipment under adults' supervision.

4. We should do warm-up exercise before we get into jump trampoline park. It is not allowed to play it within a half of hour after the meal and water.

5. One trampoline equipment can only be played by one person. No horseplay on trampolines.


If you want to buy a trampoline equipment, you have to make sure the trampoline is safe, at least have the certificate as one of the following:

1. TUV ( A strict German Equipment and Product Safety Certification)

2. ASTM (Which stands for American Society for Testing and Materials)

3. CE (Which stands for Conformité Européene. For European Citizens)

4. AS4989 (For Australian Citizens)


As a leading China trampoline manufacturer, we guarantee product quality and offer worldwide clients with high-quality China trampoline park equipment, you can contact to tell us your any demand.

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