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  • [Company News] Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival, is also known as Moon Cake Festival, which falls on the August 15th of the lunar calendar. It is also the significant and large festival in China that only second to Chinese Spring Festival. According to the legend, it is for commemorating Chang E.Mid-Autumn Festival is China's

  • [Company News] Upgrade Factory: To Offer You More Perfect Kids Playground Solutions

    XJPlayground is a professional China kids playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, is a industrial company that includes research, manufacturing and sales of kids indoor playground equipment together. In order to offer you more perfect kids playground solutions, we upgraded the factory! Yongj

  • [Company News] We are in 2018 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA)

    AAA 2017 Lived up to Its Reputation as a World Leading Trade Show, hosting over 500 internationally acclaimed exhibitors, such as Golden Dragon, Golden Horse, Universal Space, Wahlap, Splendid China, etc.. 2018 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo(AAA 2018) will take place in China Import and Export F

  • [Company News] Frequently Asked Questions about Trampoline Park

    The questions our sales manager is often asked, we’re here to answer any and all common questions. Q1. How to start the trampoline park business?A: You need to find an indoor place for the trampoline park, the lowest height should be 5.5-6M.Then do some market research to find out the population of

  • [Company News] Guide To The Safe Use of Trampolines

    Trampolines are springing up in kids indoor and outdoor playground. Trampoline offers excellent aerobic exercise and general physical fitness, but is it really safe? Trampoline park can be an enjoyable and healthy activity for children as long as you pay attention to the right way to play it. The co

  • [Company News] Why Physical Activity Is Important For Kids?

    Why Physical Activity Is Important For Kids? We are sure you have heard that kids should get at least an hour of physical activity every day, whether that is in the form of after school activities, playing outside with friends, or playing street hockey with the family. But in a article, they mention

  • [Company News] Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Kids Indoor Playground

    Indoor playground has become one of the popular entertainment place for children. Especially on weekend we can see a lot of kids crowding at kids indoor playground.As all parents know, kids indoor play area can not only offer the happy time for their kids, but can cultivate kids' ability on finishin

  • [Company News] Own Indoor Playground Equipment With Lower Cost

    Indoor playground has become more and more children's favorite entertainment area, a lot of parents take their kids to indoor playground weekly. Even some of parents purchase the small customized indoor playground at home, so that children can have fun at home. However, many parents are still concer

  • [Company News] Packing & Shipment

    After the order is confirmed, it takes about 5-7 days for us to prepare the cargos. The packing size for the indoor playgrounds is big, always shipped by sea, and use 20GP (capacity: 25-28CBM), 40GP(capacity: 55-58CBM), 40HQ containers(capacity: 65-68CBM) to ship the cargos

  • [Company News] What's commercial indoor playgrounds

    Commercial indoor playgrounds are developed to provide fun for children ages 14 and under in a safe environment. There are distinct differences between Commercial and Residential Playgrounds. Residential Playgrounds, though safe, are typically made out of lumber and do not have safety guidelines set up by different associations. The safety of the Commercial Playgrounds is governed by several different organizations.

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