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Custom Design Amusement Park Soft Indoor Playground in Zhengzhou

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Custom Design Amusement Park Soft Indoor Playground in Zhengzhou

Games bring children and babies not only entertainment but education and improvement for their health and intelligence mostly. One of the most popular games for kids is indoor playgrounds, in which there is a kind of attraction and charm that make children even adults want to have a visit to them.Therefore, businessmen who open indoor playgrounds definitely consider about the themes and colors first. Different colors show different effeciency of indoor playgrounds. Today we would like to show one of our indoor playgrounds by this article.

Custom playground equipment
Custom design amusement park commercial indoor playground
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As shown on the picture, this one is a customized design drawings, which is very similar to the jungle theme but the color is more special theme the ordinary ones. The green parts are made with reseda. The slides are made as animals patterns. With the animal patterns, it embodies the theme of "jungle". However, the equipment color for the indoor playground is with yellow, red. It provides everybody a fresh and novel feeling. Though the design is not unprecedented it looks comfortable.

For the first part, you can see the tree shaped pillars. This is custom-made pillars with trees models to match the jungle theme image. Ocean balls are manufactured with three colors, white and green and transparent. The transparent balls are barely used or seen in indoor playgrounds for this color is not suitable for those ordinary playground themes.

Custom design amusement park indoor playground equipment
Custom design amusement park indoor playground
Custom design amusement park kids indoor playground

There is a spiral slide that can be clearly seen here. It is the same color with the ocean balls,green,yellow and transparent.This kind of slide is more exciting than the short one. The slide, windows, ladders and standing steel pipes are made with wooden color. Steel pipes are packed with the soft foam of wooden color, which look like it is made by wooden-made.

There is a "Pneumatic Gun Area", at which kids can use the funny tools to shoot those plastic soft balls out of the guns. Obviously, this area is the funnest space of the whole indoor playground. The chained bridges and single-plank bridges are painted with yellow. Light color is the special of this design.

There is one projection installed at this playground. A lot of customers would like to add a projection for their space if their playgrounds are large enough. In the front of the projection, there is one more funny equipment balls deposit box. The most interesting function of this equipment is that it can absorb the balls via the small holes. Until the deposit box is full, the box will be openned and then all of the ocean balls will tumble down from the box.The box is decorated like the flying saucer.

This indoor playground is not like others that are colorful, but it is the unique on its color, decoration and pattern shapes. As the feedback from the customer, he said that special design is the key that attracts children and parents. He haven't even seen an indoor playground that is similar to his. Special and unique things attract people most. If you also want to own your own children playground, pls feel free to contact us.

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But Also A New World To Kids!

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