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Forest theme Indoor Playground Case in India

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Forest theme Indoor Playground Case in India

Jungle themed soft indoor playground is popular with many people, and we have customized and sold a number of jungle theme indoor playground to many countries. One of the typical orders is from Mr.Rajan in India, he ordered the Forest theme Indoor Playground from our company that fit his own style.


After he contacted us, we asked him about his requirement on customized kids indoor playground. He told us that he would like to make an indoor playground with forest theme and needed attractive items for his kids indoor playground. But the size of his play zone had not been confirmed yet. We told him that he needs to give us the detailed dimension of his site, so that we can make the right one for him. After several days ago, he sent us a hand painted CAD drawing and we got the length, width and height. He also told us that he would like to add small cars and popular electronic play equipment into the children theme indoor playground.


After confirming the details and the forest theme indoor playground equipment that he required, we designed the custom indoor playground for him for free. He also demanded to add the S slide and trampoline. Except for jungle theme playground, he would like to add cartoon animal panda. So we designed the forest theme indoor playground with bamboo pattern, so that it can match to the panda theme.


After all of those details were confirmed we designed it for free. When we sent the designed pictures to him, he said it is perfect and he needs it now, because the opening time of his play zone was approaching. He paid the deposit after several hours and we started on it.


The manufacturing time of forest indoor playground took about 7 days. He confirmed those cartoon and items he chose, and told us those playground items are really what he want. We packed all of platform, items and accessories and told the customer we were about to ship them but he needed to pay the balance payment.


forest theme indoor playground (4).jpg
forest theme indoor playground (3).jpg
forest theme indoor playground (2).jpg

As can be seen on the pictures, this is the pictures of the Forest theme Indoor Playground. The indoor playground is covered by safety nets, which protect children’s safety. The popular items that he required include the lemon tree electronic play equipment, S slide, three-way slide, rainbow arch bridge, play car area, trampoline and plane large slide play set, which are popular with children. The structure of this indoor playground is made from steel pipes and platforms.


After several months, Mr.Rajan gave us the feedback that he gets a lot of customers after he opens the indoor playground. Kids like the color of the indoor playground. Even parents say that they would like to enter it and experience the fun. Just several months, he earns back the cost.


We will prepare more playground accessories for customers for maintenance after long-year use. The warranty of kids theme indoor playgrounds in our company are two years. We have to put safety first. All of our playground equipment are certificated with ISO9001, CE, TUV, SGS, etc., which proves our products reach the standard.


As a professional China indoor playground manufacturer, we provide worldwide clients with customized theme indoor playground. All you need to do is to send us the CAD drawings of your play site, and we'll have the best scheme for you.

Not Only A Safe Indoor Playground,
But Also A New World To Kids!

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