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Happy International Children's Day

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Happy International Children's Day

International Children's Day is dated to every 1st June, which is for mourning all of the kids who died from the Lidice massacre in 10th June, 1942 and wars, opposing child abuse and killing and protecting kids' right. In November, 1949, WIDF was holding council in Moscow. 

The representatives of China and another countries disclosed the crime of killing and abusing children that imperialists and  reactionaries did in exasperation. And finally it was decided to date every June 1 as the Children's day, which is for the protection of kids' right and give them more warmth.

The origin of International Children is related to the Lidice massacre. In June 10th, 1942, fascists shot and killed more than 140 male over the age of 16 in the village citizens and all infants and took women and 90 children back to their camp. After the Secibd World War, lots of workers lost their job and are living in hunger and coldness. The suituation of children was worse. Some of children suffered disease and died. Some of them were forced to be child laborers, suffering from pain in hearts and bodies. Because of the situation, WIDF was holding council in Moscow. The representatives of China and another countries disclosed the crime of killing and abusing children that imperialists and  reactionaries did in exasperation. And finally it was decided to make every June 1st as the Children's day for mourning those children who died from war.

Lots of countries in the world take June 1st as the Children's day especially in the socialist state. In European countries, the date of Children's day is different and they hardly hold activities that day. Therefore, some people will misunderstand that the Children's day is only owned by socialist countries.

In the beginning, the Children's day in China is 4th April. Children joined in some activities such as children meetings or held singing contest and so on. At that time, for improving the ability of confronting enemies, military training was an important activity.They learned how to shoot guns, bury landmines, and to conduct air defense exercises and fire drills. From 1949 on, The People's Republic of China officially scheduled June 1 as the international children's day. Schools usually organize children's day activities and send some gifts and candies to children.There are some popular games they will play, such as jumping-goat game, shuttlecock, hopscotch, reading picture-story books and playing marbles etc.

Different countries have their own cultures to celebrate the festival. For example, in Korean, their Children's day derives from Boys'day. The date of the festival is every 5th May. In that day parents will take their kids to amusement park or indoor playgrounds for entertainment. In many islamic countries, the "Candy day" is designated in the 14th day after fasting month, in which it is the happiest children's day in their countries. Kids will go to ask for candies door by door. With the tradition, adults can't refuse the demands of kids that day.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of our life, indoor playgrounds have become the most popular activity space in the Children's Day. There is enough space at indoor playground to offer kids play there, have a party there and enjoy various toys and sports there. We can say that it will usually be the liveliest place in the children' day and holidays.

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