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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival, is also known as Moon Cake Festival, which falls on the August 15th of the lunar calendar. It is also the significant and large festival in China that only second to Chinese Spring Festival. According to the legend, it is for commemorating Chang E.

Mid-Autumn Festival is China's tradictional festival. According to the historical records, Mid-Autumn Festival derives in the Song Dynasty. Since Mingqing Dynasty, It has become the important festival like New Year and become one of the main festival in China. When it comes to the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival, there are three statements. The first one is that it origins from the worship for the moon in ancient. The second one is the custom of meeting spouses by dancing under the moon. The last one is the custom of worship for the gnome in ancient.

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the August 15th of the lunar calendar every year. Therefore, the name of the festival stems from it. In Chinese lunar calendar, One year is devided into four season and every season is devided into Meng, Zhong, Ji parts. Therefore, Mid-Autumn Festival is also called "Zhongqiu" in China. The moon becomes brighter and rounder than any other months, so it is named August Festival as well. At the night of the festival, people are looking up at the bright and round moon hanging in the skies and expecting to be with families. Especially the people who work or live far from family will miss their hometown and families very much at that night.

There is one tales of legendia about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Once upon a time, there were ten suns appearing in the skies at the same time. A hero named Houyi shot nine of them with his arrows and infinite power and left one in the skies. His wife was Chang E. One day, Houyi got a pack of elixir by chance. It was said that human being would become celestial being after using the elixir. Houyi could not bear to leave his wife alone in the folk and become celestial being. Therefore he let his wife Chang E to enshrine the elixir. Unexpectedly, a bad guy named Peng Meng wanted to get the elixir, so he coerced Chang E to hand over the elixir. Chang E was totally reluctant to hand over the elixir to this man. 

She took the elixir and became an immortal. This is the lengend of the festival. When it comes to Mid-Autumn Festival, there is one thing can't be forgotten. It is moon cakes. In the festival, lot of people will choose to stay at home and enjoy the moon. Moon cakes are the undispensible things. Moon cakes are made as round shape, which means "Tuanyuan" (Family reunion). That is why it is called Moon Cake Festival. Nowadays, Moon cakes begin to be sold two to three months ago from Mid-Autumn Festival. Moon cakes are the protagonists of this festival.

In this festival, There is a custom can be seen mostly in South of China, which is "sacrifice the moon." People will worship and sacrifice the moon at that night with fruits, desserts and moon cakes. After finishing, family sit together to enjoy moon cakes and other food. In some region, streets are festooned with plenty of lanterns wrriten with riddles. People will get closer and guess the riddles on the lanterns.

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