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How Much does Soft Playground Equipment Cost

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How Much does Soft Playground Equipment Cost

Amusement Park Indoor Soft Playground Equipment is more and more popular all over the world, parents who usually take their kids to kids indoor playgrounds all know that indoor playgrounds include a lot of playground items and play area, they can offer kids so much entertainment. If you want to know how much does soft playground equipment cost, pls feel free to contact us.

1. Request

What type of kids indoor playground facility do you want to open?

Do you already have a space? If so, do you have play area blueprints for it?

Are there any major obstruction in the space, height on the floor or on the ceiling?

What are the dimensions of your space? (Square Meters)

What’s the minimum unobstructed ceiling height? (meters)

What ages of clientele are you looking to appeal to with your facility?

When do you require the equipment? Would you like themed items (eg. jungle themed soft indoor playground, candy themed soft indoor playground, private ship theme indoor playground, or other custom theme indoor playground, etc.)?

What's your budget for your theme indoor playground equipment (in US Dollars)? Do you have any special request?

Our design team will customize the kids playground as your demands.

Jungle themed soft indoor playgorund
Candy themed soft indoor playgorund
Private ship themed soft indoor playgorund

2. Drawings and Cost

For the soft indoor playground of 3 level or 4 level, you could estimate the cost at the price USD90-120/square.

When we receive the CAD drawings or play zone size, our design team will adjust the drawings as your playground size.

After confirmed, the accounting department will calculate the cost according to the items and quantity in playground.

Note: The standard height of each level is 1.4m, the length and width of each grid is 1.25m.

3. Warranty

XJ Playground is committed to designing and manufacturing China indoor playgrounds that are in compliance with International Safety and Quality standards. 

All kids indoor playground products and projects passed CE, TUV, SGS certifications and assure two years warranty.

4. Installation

After the production and delivery, the drawings & video for installation will be sent to you for reference.

If you need, we can send installation technician to do installation in abroad as well.

Using the finest materials and strict manufacturing standards, Xiujiang Playgrounds only sells safe, durable, and well-designed China indoor playgrounds to our customers, having high quality playground equipment that meets all international safety standards is absolutely crucial. In the long run, having high quality indoor playground equipment will greatly reduce the costs of maintenance and ensuring long-term profitability. 

If you have the blueprints of the theme indoor playground, pls send it to us. When the design drawing is confirmed, the official quotation will be sent to you soon.

Not Only A Safe Indoor Playground,
But Also A New World To Kids!

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