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Ice & Snow Theme Kids Soft Indoor Playground - Shijiazhuang

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Ice & Snow Theme Kids Soft Indoor Playground - Shijiazhuang

Ice & Snow theme is one of the popular indoor playground theme. As the design scheme shows, this is one of ice & snow theme kids indoor playgrounds that we designed and manufactured for customers. Mr Li is a customer from Shijiazhuang (a place in Hebei Province). He had a large space in the mall and planned to make a part of it to put an amusement park indoor playground for his empty space. 

Ice & Snow theme indoor playground
commercial indoor playground
commercial ocean theme indoor playground

The play area of indoor amusement park are separated into different areas and charged separately, it include soft play structure, office, handwork area, rest area, sand pit, soft building block area, toddler area, and electric toys. The project in the playground is rich and fun.

At the beginning, Mr Li hadn't done indoor playgrounds before.Therefore, he gave us a design, asked us directly about the price and let us give him a list of items. We meet those customers constantly who haven't made indoor playgrounds before and would like to know price. After we got his information, we explain the whole process of making an indoor playground to him. We said that the first step of it is that we need to know the detailed size of your space which you would like to use for indoor playground. Such as its length, width and height. Indoor playground needs to be designed and customized first. Also tell us the color theme and equipment you want to make.We would make a design scheme to you. We would let you confirm the design and manufacture it for you. However, before manufacturing we need at least 50% deposit for manufacturing.

After understanding the process, he found someone to measure his space. There are two part of it for indoor playgrounds. The one part is for ocean themed soft playground. The other one is for snow themed playground. He needs a toddler area for ocean theme soft indoor playground. The equipments must include slides, ocean balls pit, sand pit, rope course and climbing wall etc. According to his decision, we customized one schemes for him first. He is content with it as well after getting the design. He was so excited that he paid us the deposit for starting manufacturing. He was urgent in this project.After about 13 days, we finished his play zone. Similarly, he needed to pay the remaining fee of it and we arranged the transportation. He had his own workers to work for installation. All of the process took about 30 days.

kids indoor playground equipment
kids indoor playground equipment
amusement park kids indoor playground equipment

These is parts of the equipment of the indoor playground. Two-ways slide is made from fiberglass, which is more durable than plastic one. In ocean themed playground, the mats are EVA ocean wave mats. Ocean wave mats more emboby the image of "ocean theme". The spiral slide is another popular equipment at this playground. There are lots of toddler soft items at the space for smaller kids.

soft kids indoor playground equipment
customized kids indoor playground equipment
commercial kids indoor playground equipment

The rainbow net part and building block area look exciting and eyes-catching. Rainbow net course and buiding block area have appealed to more and more babies. As the feedback of Mr Li, this indoor playground has attracted lots customers only one month. Every kid reacts excitement and suprise after see the whole space. Such a grand space brings more and more customers for Mr Li day by day.

If you want to build your own amusement park indoor playground or need more information, pls not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to you help you.

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