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Just To Go Theme Indoor Playground Case from Mr. Liu

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Just To Go Theme Indoor Playground Case from Mr. Liu

XiuJiang Playground is a professional China indoor playground manufacturer whose indoor playground equipment have been sold to many countries and regions. One of the classic kids playground cases is from Mr. Liu's order, you can read the passage to understand our service. Mr. Liu has ordered the Just To-Go theme Indoor Playground from our company, the passage is about the process of kids indoor playground ordering.


The customer from Beijing was looking for an indoor playground for his play zone. He was going to open his own indoor play zone within a month but he don’t know what theme to make and what items to add. We first determined the size of the play area, and he sent us the hand drawing CAD picture and let us to design it as his play zone. After we saw his large play area, we suggest to make a blue color with just to-go theme and add a lot of adventure games for kids to experience the exciting feeling.


The customer accepted our suggestion and told us to finish it as soon as possible because the time is limited. We finished the designed picture within a several hours, showed him the designing pictures quickly. We put a lot of adventure games into the soft indoor playground. He saw the design and indicated that he is satisfied with it. The kids indoor playground not only looks abundant in toys and items, but its play ability is high. He paid the advanced payment for manufacturing.


Just to go theme indoor playground (1)
Just to go theme indoor playground (2)
Just to go theme indoor playground (3)

The indoor playground was manufactured about 10 days. After we finished it, we took a video and pictures to him for confirmation. He checked all of the indoor playground equipment inside the kids soft indoor playground and then confirmed it. Because of the large play area, there are a large number of indoor playground equipment and adventure equipment are added into the indoor playground. There is a large balls pit in the indoor playground. All of the adventure games are attached on the large balls pit.

Just to go theme indoor playground (4)
Just to go theme indoor playground (5)
Just to go theme indoor playground (6)

As can be seen on the pictures, this is the pictures of the Just To-go theme Indoor Playground made for the Beijing customer. The main playground items at it are balls pit and adventure games, in which there are several popular and joyful equipment on it. As shown on the pictures, the tunnel rings, the Olympic rings, rotated obstacles are the most popular adventure games. We added the large slides into the kids indoor playground. When the kids slide down from it, they will feel more exciting. Because of the higher place. The other items include adventured tires, ocean theme color ocean balls, climbing wall and swinging rings etc. The structure of this kids indoor playground is made from steel pipes and platforms.


We got feedback from him that the newest designed kids theme indoor playground attracts so many children. Not only children but their parents come into the indoor play area and play it as well. Even adults say the design is exciting and wonderful. It improves not only children’s courage but their wisdom.


When we send goods to customers, we will prepare more playground equipment accessories for customers for maintenance after long-year use. The warranty of kids indoor playgrounds in our company are two years. We have to put safety first. All of our kids playground equipment are certificated with ISO9001, CE, TUV, SGS, etc., which proves our products reach the standard.


As a professional China indoor playground manufacturer, we provide worldwide clients with customized theme indoor playground. All you need to do is to send us the CAD drawings of your play site, and we'll have the best scheme for you.

Not Only A Safe Indoor Playground,
But Also A New World To Kids!

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