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Ocean theme Indoor Playground Case in South Korea

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Ocean theme Indoor Playground Case in South Korea

Not long ago, Mr. Kim has ordered the Ocean theme Indoor Playground from our company and this article is written for introducing the all process of ordering a custom kids indoor playground.


The customer who comes from Korea was planning to make an characteristic kids indoor playground for his play zone where the place is located at a shopping mall. He had some requirements. First is the theme of indoor playground much be ocean theme. Second one is to design a study area at the theme indoor playground. And then, he made a indoor playground items list and sent to our e-mail, in which the detailed items were listed. He drew a picture of his play site marked with the size of its length, width and height. According to his custom requirement, we applied for theme children playground designing for him for free.

Ball Pit of Ocean theme indoor playground(1)
Ball Pit of Ocean theme indoor playground(2)
Ball Pit of Ocean theme indoor playground(3)

The customer gave us the correct and clear requirement, so we finished the designed picture within a several hours. We showed him the designing pictures. But there seems to be an empty place that doesn't cover anything.The customer thought for a moment and suggested putting some inflatable toys on it.  However, we thought it is not advisable to put the inflatable play set at the study area, so we suggested to add some cartoon bookshelf to fill the empty place. We changed the designed pictures again and sent to him for reference. Finally, he accepted our suggestion and decided to make this ocean theme indoor playground. He paid the advanced payment for manufacturing.

The ocean theme indoor playground was manufactured about 8 days. After we finished it, we took a video and sent to him for confirmation. He checked all of the playground equipment inside the theme indoor playground and then confirmed it. What he likes so much is the spiral slide and study area. He needs the study area for kids to have a rest there. Ultimately, we shipped the kids theme indoor playground by sea after he paid the balance payment. We sent two techs for installing the ocean theme soft indoor playground for him because he got no workers for it.

Corner of Ocean theme indoor playground
Study Area of Ocean theme indoor playground
Toddler area for Ocean theme indoor playground

As can be seen on the pictures, this is the picture of the ocean theme Soft Indoor Playground designed for the Korean customer. The main playground items at it are four-ways slide with two different colors, blue and white, the large ocean balls pit with inflatable toys, rainbow ladders, water bed, trampoline and the spiral slide. There are plastic desks and bookshelves at the study area. Children can not only study here but have a rest here. The fences are used for separating the study area and indoor soft playground. The structure of this ocean theme soft indoor playground is made from steel pipes and platforms.

We got feedback from him that kids like the spiral slide so much. They are fond of playing on the spiral slide, which is exciting. The efficiency of his business is also satisfying. When winter holidays or summer holidays come, his indoor play area is crowding with children and parents.


We will prepare more kids playground accessories for customers for maintenance after long-year use. The warranty of kids indoor playgrounds in our company are two years. We have to put safety first. All of our playground products are certificated with ISO9001, CE, TUV, SGS etc., which proves our playground equipment reach the standard.


As a professional China indoor playground manufacturer, we provide worldwide clients with customized theme indoor playground. All you need to do is to send us the CAD drawings of your play site, and we'll have the best scheme for you.

Not Only A Safe Indoor Playground,
But Also A New World To Kids!

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