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Packing & Shipment

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Packing & Shipment

After the order is confirmed, it takes about 5-7 days for us to prepare the cargos. The packing size for the indoor playgrounds is big, always shipped by sea, and use 20GP (capacity: 25-28CBM), 40GP(capacity: 55-58CBM), 40HQ containers(capacity: 65-68CBM) to ship the cargos

And the package also can be made as your demands. The standard package is as follow:

1. Plastic parts: in batt & thin film 

2. Steel pipe structure: in batt & thin film. 

3. Fastenings and screws: in carton. 

4. Other small items: in carton

Packing & ShipmentPacking & ShipmentPacking & Shipment

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