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What's Indoor Playground

Indoor playgrounds, also known as indoor kids soft play centers or toddler indoor playground, are specifically designed for kids to play in and have tremendous fun with in interior environment. The soft play structure and theme playground equipment are wrapped in soft padding to absorb the impact when children fall or bounce around. And the indoor playground is usually a safer play area compared to outdoor playground.
Since its origination in 1990’s from the US, indoor playground has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world. Today, indoor playground has evolved from simple indoor climbing frame, to complex children play center that includes multiple play areas serving different age groups, such as soft play structure, ball pit, electronic play items, building block, toddler area, adventure ropes course, etc..
Theme indoor playgrounds can vary hugely in terms of sizes and play features. While small toddler indoor playground may be mainly a soft play structure. Large indoor playgrounds, sometimes a part of a family entertainment center, can span across over 1000 square meters, and include the following sections: Indoor play structure, Building blocks, Pneumatic gun, Toddler area, Handwork area, Climbing wall, Inflatable play area, CS game area, Ball pit, Sand pit, Just to go, Electronic play items, Trampoline, Adventure ropes course, Rainbow nets, Party room or area, Cafe area/Dining area, Basketball/Football, Vending area, Electric play toys, etc..

Indoor Playground Equipment

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Every playground takes a beating after years of play, but Xiujiang parts are made to last. If your playground or family entertainment centre needs a bit of a facelift, rest assured that we can provide all the replacement parts you need. Just as importantly they’ll be built for rugged use over the long haul. We can tailor make parts for your needs or provide you with standard items, from padding to punching bags to pipe foam to fresh balls. 

As a professional China indoor playground manufacturer, we can provide whatever you need to repair, refresh or improve your existing play structure: if it’s not in stock, we’ll make it!

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