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What's Dragon Boat Festival?

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What's Dragon Boat Festival?

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as "Duanwu Festival", which comes in every 5th day of the 5th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The festival derives from China, which was the festival in which the tribes who worshipped dragon totem held the totem worship activity in the ancient time. In some regions, many people would hold the worship activity by Dragon-Boat racing in the festival. In the Chu of the warring Period (present Hubei), it was in that day that the poet Quyuan committed suicide by jumping into Miluo River. The ruler took this festival also as commemorating Quyuan for keeping the label to be patriotic and loyal to the throne. Dragon Boat Festival is also for commemorating Wu Zixu or Cao E in another regions.

Dragon Boat Festival is known as one of the Four Traditional Folk Chinese festival like Spring Festival, Tomb sweeping Day and Mooncake Festival.From time immemorial,some activities like Dragon-Boat racing and eating Zongzi have been held in the festival.From 2008, Dragon Boat Festival became the statutory holiday in China.

These are just some brief information. There are so many names of the Dragon Boat Festival that lots of people don't know:

1. Dragon Boat Festival: Dragon Boat Festival is the name all of us know. Just as the name implies, the Dragon Boat racing is very popular especially in Guangdong Provice. In that day, many people will go to the place where the activity is held. 

Dragon-Boat racing already appeared 2000 years ago. In the earliest time, it was an activity for worshipping water god or dragon god. Nowadays, it is not only a custom but also a sport that is popular in the world.

2. Jiezong Festival: Jiezong is the Chinese word pronounciation, which means unwrapping Zongzi and eating them. This is the origin of the name.

3. Yulan Festival: This name originates from the season. The festival comes in the 2nd month of summer, in which many people would take showers with Lancao Soup in the ancient time.

4. Duanwu Festival: The Duan means the begining and Wu is five in China. As the pronuounciation of Chinese, the name is called by folks.

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