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  • Q How to get a quotation?

    A About indoor playground structure, if you already have CAD drawing, we are able to customize it for you. If you haven't a drawing, as long as your site dimension is measured, our design team could make free design for you according to the theming you want. After you confirm the final design, our sales team will calculate the cost of the solution and quote to you.
  • Q Are there any limits about the height? How high do you usually make?

    A The height depends on the sit size of your playground. We must leave 30cm from the ceiling to the top of the indoor playground structure. Each floor is 1.4m; Normally, we make two floors 2.8m+0.3m and three floors 4.2m+0.3m.
  • Q If I have an indoor playground of 100, how many kids can be accommodated a

    A Normally,two square meters space can accommodate 1 child. So 100 indoor playground can usually accommodate 50-60 children at the same time. Suppose each child play 2 hours per time, and the playground open for 8 hours per day, then 100 square meters could accomodate 200 children each day. 
  • Q Does your product have any certificate?

    A Yes, All products are certificated with ISO9001, CE, TUV GS, SGS etc.
  • Q How to maintain and clean the indoor playground?

    A Maintenance: everyone should take off the shoes when entering the indoor playground; the EVA mats / PVC cover / inflatable iteams / trampoline must avoid being stepped on by high heels or being carved by other sharp hard objects. 
    Cleaning: use cleaning rag to clean the surface of the indoor playground periodically.
    Ocean Ball : Your ballpool will stay cleaner with less effort and downtime by our Hygenie ball/ pit ball washing machine. If you need please contact with our sales.
Not Only A Safe Indoor Playground,
But Also A New World To Kids!

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