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china indoor playground

These are related to the china indoor playground news, in which you can learn about the updated information in china indoor playground, to help you better understand and expand china indoor playground market. Because the market for china indoor playground is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • [Industry News] Happy International Children's Day

    International Children's DayInternational Children's Day is dated to every 1st June, which is for mourning all of the kids who died from the Lidice massacre in 10th June, 1942 and wars, opposing child abuse and killing and protecting kids' right. In November,1949, WIDF was holding council in Moscow.

  • [Industry News] How to clean soft play equipment?

    As the most popular kids play activity, indoor playgrounds are famous and known all over the world. Kids are attracted not only by the various colors of the it, but also those funny equipment installed at indoor playgrounds. As a public play space, there must be a lot of kids at indoor playgrounds.

  • [Industry News] Trends in shopping center attractions

    Nowadays, the shopping mall is no longer just a place to shop, it has many other places to attract people, such as the indoor playground, trampoline park, coffee shop, restaurants and movie theaters. Shopping center is a place crowding a lot of people everyday. One trend is to add some extra attract

  • [Industry News] Does the quality of soft playgrounds need to be improved?

    As we know, kids indoor playgrounds already become the most popular entertainment area for children, because indoor playgrounds include a lot of funny and attractive play structure and equipment for children to play. However, low and poor quality of soft indoor playgrounds will cause a lot of danger

  • [Industry News] What play equipment should i install on soft indoor playground?

    Nowadays, indoor playgrounds has become more and more popular, for commercial or own use. If you would like to have your own kids indoor playgrounds, you may ask " What play equipment should we install on soft indoor playground? " or " What amusement playground equipment are more popular? " This art

  • [Customer Case] Just To Go Theme Indoor Playground Case from Mr. Liu

    XiuJiang Playground is a professional China indoor playground manufacturer whose indoor playground equipment have been sold to many countries and regions. One of the classic kids playground cases is from Mr. Liu's order, you can read the passage to understand our service. Mr. Liu has ordered the Jus

  • [Customer Case] Children labyrinth Indoor Playground Case from Mr. Jeff

    XiuJiang Playground is a professional China indoor playground manufacturer whose playground equipments have been sold to many countries and regions. One of the customer cases is from Mr. Jeff's order, you can read this to understand our service.

  • Why You Should Fall In Love With Indoor Playground Equipment

    All of parents who usually take their kids to indoor playgrounds know that indoor playgrounds include a lot of items and play area. They can offer kids so much entertainment. There are 5 reasons you should fall in love with indoor playground equipment: 1. Electronic play equipment, such as merry-go

  • [Company News] Why Physical Activity Is Important For Kids?

    Why Physical Activity Is Important For Kids? We are sure you have heard that kids should get at least an hour of physical activity every day, whether that is in the form of after school activities, playing outside with friends, or playing street hockey with the family. But in a article, they mention

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